The off-the-shoulder dresses and shirts are not a new invention. In fact, they came in the 1930s along with the Romantic Era. No wonder I am a big fan!

It was during this period that love, beauty and truth started to be considered as the highest emotions of a human being.

Fashion changed along with the conception of society. The necklines were lowered down the arm more and more until they became off-the-shoulder. Women were now free to express themselves, to show their neck as the prettiest part of their body and to marry for love.

After so many years this trend has not only survived but is here to stay. It has left a trail of passion everywhere, from Brazil to France, from Cuba to Italy, from Colombia to Spain, from Australia to Morocco. It doesn’t hide from the daylight or the night and it has arrived again, one more time, with the sun in summertime.

Perhaps its romantic reputation is related to perception. The perception of romance that makes us dream with flowers and love. The perception of a perfume that can be sensed around by him. The perception of being sexy without even wanting to be. The perception of rebellion, freedom and beauty, and the perception of love.


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