On the Street


Waking in Sydney’s Pitt St I found Michelle, a Chinese model who has been living in Australia for a couple of years. China’s young generation impresses me more and more everyday.  They are driven and independent, they know what they want and their freedom reflect on their outfits.

For the last 30 years Chinese girls have abandoned the traditional gowns that cover their bodies for a more modern urban clothing based on western brands. Both have helped each other. Chinese women have achieved a more western status without losing their eastern essence and the American and European brands have expanded their influence in a culture that was thought to be imposible to penetrate.

However, the balance is moving towards Chinese women as western brands would have to please their wishes to keep being successful. For the moment, Chinese women are enjoying fashion all the way. We will see in the future how this relationship between East and West develops and what will be the Chinese influence in the fashion trends that are yet to arrive!


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