My Beloved Bikini


I was looking for special things in my closet to bring to Bali when I found this white bikini that I bought at Zara long time ago. As soon as I found it I felt the same electrifying vibrations I sensed when I saw it on the rack of the shop that rainy afternoon five years ago. Its simplicity perfectly aligned with my personality and style and when I saw it I knew it was already mine.

But as soon as I started packing I had a doubt. After having a baby, using a one pice swimwear could be more comfortable and maybe appropriate. I am lucky, I thought, that they are currently a big trend everywhere and I do love them. Should I give up the idea of wearing my beloved white bikini again?

My heart interrupted my thoughts and started talking. It reminded me that women all over the world have been using bikinis for more than fifty years and it is not only about beauty or fashion. A bikini is a statement, a statement of liberation, a statement of rebellion. How easy we forget what women in the past went through to achieve the rights we now take for granted.  Strict rules over their bodies, thoughts and behaviour were everywhere. It has been a long way to overcome mental restrictions around the world and be free. And in some countries this fight is only beginning…

Besides, to stop using the beloved bikini would be supporting the idea that only one type of body is suitable for it. That a bikini can only be loved for the first twenty something years of our lives and that the more we dig deeper into age, family, good food and love, the more we lose our chances of being attractive and this is precisely the opposite of what I think.

My heart also reminded me that I have never stopped wearing something I love, for any reason. Why should I stop now? A bikini is a classic and as a classic deserves a special treatment. It is also my statement of freedom and its simplicity again was a perfect match with the place I was because it was pure, it was summery, it was peaceful, it was love!


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