Why Do We All Love Adidas?


Have you noticed that lately all your friends wear Adidas?

Any time I see a repetitive tendency on the streets I feel really curious. I would like to know why millions of individuals, different between each other physically and culturally, have the same desires at the same time. What does it take for everybody to be interested in the same look, the same book or that everybody wants to go exactly to the same place?

A  few years ago, I would have been the first person to roll my eyes if someone had told me that my taste is not mine, that it comes from others that influence me in the way I dress, the way I act and the way I think about, but now I find this fascinating! It is indeed difficult to not think that a big part of our decisions are often based on trends that come from other individuals and that are far away from our own choices.

In my case, I don’t mind to give myself up completely to the orders of the street style and I obey without even thinking about it. I have been a victim of so many trends that have become popular thorough the years like the boots over pants, the denim shorts, the flower prints, the Scottish prints, the polka dots, the military style and other collective madness. This crazy trends appear in my life one after the other without leaving any space to think what is it that I am wearing. My only mirror is my husband that although will never criticise my outfit, has a special look that tells me if I have kept the traditional style or on the contrary I look like a lunatic about to be locked out away!

But the most visible case to understand our tendency to imitate others is the Adidas phenomenon. I was amazed when I went to Paris last summer and I found that everybody, both men and women, wore Adidas. When I say everybody I am referring to literally all the people I saw on the street. I had never seen such a defined pattern in a fashion trend and as I love to follow them, especially if I see them in Paris as you can guess from my previous stories, I immediately ran into the first Adidas store I found and bought a pair of the Stan Smith’s. It turned out that I also fell in love with another model, the Super Star, so I left the store with two pairs of basically the same thing.

IMG_5042 2

The Stan Smith exists since 1971 but what has been sold in 2014 and 2015 has no precedent. Why? Well, the strategy of the brand has changed. Just check the tongue of the shoes and there you will find Stan Smith’s picture, an American tennis player who was the inspiration for this creation. But what caused sales to sky rocket the way they did last year and that everybody wanted one pair?

Drawing my own conclusions, I found that the cause is definitely a good publicity, helped by celebrity influencers and the cult of imitation. These three variables are what create the new trends and with them the big waves of followers. Adidas sent a pair of the Stan Smith’s to several celebrities in Hollywood but instead of having the picture of the tennis player, they personalised it with the own celebrity face, which caused a great impression. More and more celebrities worn the sneakers, becoming ‘the item’ for any cool outfit, no matter if it was sportive, elegant or casual and the social media did the rest. This is how this cult started.

But to reach everybody a trend needs to be affordable. In my opinion, the coolest part of both the Stan Smith and the Super Star’s sales strategy was the capacity of Adidas of selling a product that everybody can use no matter our gender, our style, and how much money we have to afford fashion and that it is why they became so popular. The Stan Smith and the Super Star are one of the few things that we can use to imitate cool people without declaring ourselves in bankruptcy after buying them. And on top of that, they are lovely and they mix up with everything! It is a win- win situation!

Adidas is the perfect example of a more accesible fashion trend for everyone and that is why they got me. Well done Adidas!



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