No More Dos and Don’ts


This is an outfit that is becoming more typical every day. A couple of years ago it would have been unthinkable to wear a black dress with sneakers, but fashion came forward and creativity started to guide the new rules that we follow today.

I guess there is a little bit of rebellion and practicality involved in this shift of thinking. Whoever has suffered extreme pain from wearing heels the whole day and night would know that this was unsustainable and that a change would have to happen soon. French designers started the trend and it became real street style when it touched the streets of Paris. Voices from everywhere raised to get the credits for the new trend. American designers claimed that it has been on their streets forever! Whoever it came from, it did good to our souls. Active women who jumped from the train to the office and from the streets to the parties adopted the trend immediately and we all enjoyed the benefits from it.

At the beginning, we shifted our heels and flats during the day, but with time we found out that it was ok to keep our sneakers and still look presentable. The nice feeling of using a great pair of heels to make us feel in heaven is not on discussion, but besides feeling like a powerful and confident person, it was important to feel relax and comfortable without having to give up the nice short black dress.

The dos and don’ts when mixing the things in our closet is over. A great style is the one who adapts and accepts our lives as they are, with no changes, with no complaints, with no rules.



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