My Wardrobe is Made of Treasures


I can picture in my mind all the places I could go to buy my dreamy dresses and shoes. I am sitting on my desk, but I can perfectly smell the leather of my $400 favourite uncle boots that rest peacefully in the window of a shop waiting for me. My mind travels really fast and I am suddenly having a coffee in Paris, Milan or New York, surrounded by lots of bags full with brand new, colourful, beautiful clothes. I get  deeply into my dreams to the point that I am actually having that coffee wearing a Valentino Sequin Starfish Silk Organza Gown (a total platonic love) and then I’m heaven. Who knows if there is another human being around, I am completely submerged in my conversation about love and other demons with Starfish…

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Who Do We Dress Up For?


One male friend used to say that women dress up exclusively for men. Every time I heard his comments I disagreed but I always kept thinking, is this really true?

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A Cool Couple in Circular Quay


I ran into this couple in Circular Quay, Sydney, and I immediately got captivated. Finding a person that enjoys fashion and has a signature style is great, but finding a couple who shares their passion for fashion is something difficult to believe.

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