A Cool Couple in Circular Quay


I ran into this couple in Circular Quay, Sydney, and I immediately got captivated. Finding a person that enjoys fashion and has a signature style is great, but finding a couple who shares their passion for fashion is something difficult to believe.

I would describe their outfits as authentic, another culture in itself. I would think that this couple is full with different ideas in other areas was well, such as music and politics. I see them as progressive, more liberal and more free.

It was a Friday morning when I found them getting off the ferry. My assumption is that they both were heading off to work. I felt jealous that they could go to their jobs dressed as they pleased. Not in every field of work, and not in every place of work you can make your own choices about the dress code.

But this couple is the perfect example of self-expression. An acceptance of themselves as they really are. They follow their instinct in fashion and in life. They’re the hippest and coolest couple I’ve seen in a long time.



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