Who Do We Dress Up For?


One male friend used to say that women dress up exclusively for men. Every time I heard his comments I disagreed but I always kept thinking, is this really true?

Everybody who has ever had a boyfriend would know that most of the time our colourful, flowery and picturesque choices are not really welcomed by our male spectators, but we keep buying what we love. Men are attracted by the lack of adornment and the lack of make-up. For them simplicity and straightforwardness is the key. A clear, natural face and outfit does the trick every time and there is not a more sexy thing than a woman in jeans, a white top and high heels.

But this has not stopped us from looking for something else. My opinion is that there are definitely other publics that are also very attractive to us. The first of all is ourselves. When we dress for ourselves our aim is not usually to feel sexy. This feeling is about power, is about self-confidence and is about self-respect. Is in this type of day that we look for our fluffy skirts, colourful shoes and sequins tops. Our hair goes up and our earrings get bigger.

However, other women are one of the main subjects of our big effort for looking stylish everyday. Who else but another woman would know how to appreciate a beautiful bag, a pair of designer shoes or a nice tailored dress. Why would we ever spend money on fashion if it were not for other women, who are our main critics and our main advisers. Nobody else can spend a whole night talking about dreamy dresses and shoes. When we dress up for our female friends we look to have fun. We look for a partnership with colour, we look for different textures and we even look for different prints.

And for who has a true passion for fashion knowing that your outfit will be picked up for other stylish people on the street would add a pinch of excitement to the whole game of hunting the perfect piece and for the fun of finding out what is it that we are going to wear today!


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