My Wardrobe is Made of Treasures


I can picture in my mind all the places I could go to buy my dreamy dresses and shoes. I am sitting on my desk, but I can perfectly smell the leather of my $400 favourite uncle boots that rest peacefully in the window of a shop waiting for me. My mind travels really fast and I am suddenly having a coffee in Paris, Milan or New York, surrounded by lots of bags full with brand new, colourful, beautiful clothes. I get  deeply into my dreams to the point that I am actually having that coffee wearing a Valentino Sequin Starfish Silk Organza Gown (a total platonic love) and then I’m heaven. Who knows if there is another human being around, I am completely submerged in my conversation about love and other demons with Starfish…

The sound of my own coffee on the floor brings me back to planet earth in less that a second, having to deal subsequently with the loss of the dress I’m wearing and the rest of the bags. But I put myself together immediately because life is good (even without Valentino’s dress) and what is good about life is that it allows us to be recursive. I ask myself what do expensive outfits have that the others don’t? They have power and they transmit that power to us. They make us feel beautiful and elegant. They give us self-confidence and a daily dosis of happiness. Do I want to feel that? Yes, Luckily, I think, there are other fashionable ways to feel and reflect those sentiments.

It does not matter if the uncle boots  and other beautiful dresses are not a possibility, as there are many things involved backstage of an outfit and not everything is related to have a big pay check to go shopping. Thankfully, having a killing outfit also requires creativity, discipline and patience to master the art of  mixing correctly the things you already have in your wardrobe, no matter if they are old or new. But most of all, it requires a great ability to find statement pieces, which I like to call treasures.

Treasures are those especial things that you can find in little shops or markets when you travel, or the pieces you have inherited from your mum and friends through the years and the especial pieces you bought thinking they were beautiful but never dared to use because they didn’t match your style. They are the gifts from your loved ones and the things that are attached to your heart because they have  sentimental value.

Treasures are the things you cannot get rid of, no matter where you go or how much space you have. They represent a past time, a vivid memory or a person that is no longer next to you.


Treasures are the things that most of the time make my outfits work. You can find in my closet shoes from little markets here and there, hand-craft accessories made by extremely talented people who sell their things on a small scale and dresses that existed in the 70’s and were owned by my mother, who always said she did not care about fashion, but at the time she could expend all her salary just on a Scottish skirt brought from London to Colombia, thinking that such a beautiful piece will disappear forever if she didn’t put her hands on it.

They are the nice pre-loved pieces that came from my sister and friends and the little over prized things that you bought for yourself just because you deserved it and they were meant to be the purchase of a lifetime.

Having a treasure is like having a friend. You will have to take good care of them, do never forget them on the back of your mind and once in a while take them out, share some time together and enjoy. In return  you will have something especial for the rest of your life, you will get compliments everywhere you go and you will feel good because you have shown others that you are original and creative.

Always be aware of the treasures around you. Never underestimate any country, city or little town thinking it would be impossible to find something nice. Go out and start looking as you don’t know what beautiful things are waiting for you around the corner.  You will know the moment you find one, because you will fill the adrenaline, the titillation in your heart and the thrill of the chase. If you know it is for you, take it and love it for the rest of your life.


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