She and Her Red Umbrella


‘Why would you take a picture of me?’ She asked in astonishment. ‘I feel I am not properly dressed’ she said. I felt completely the oposite. Finding the right items for a weather as aggressive as this should give her all the clues that she is on the right path of fashion.

I saw her on the streets of Surry Hills in Sydney a couple of days ago. It was 40 degrees that day and I was literally melting but she was walking with her elegant red umbrella as if it nothing was happening.

I loved her male brown shoes mixed with her black dress. Not everybody will dare to do such a mixture. I loved the delicate and at the same time strong statement of the red asiatic umbrella, a little treasure found in a vintage market.

I loved even more finding out many things that we had in common. We went to the same university in Sydney, we both loved Latin-American culture, we both spoke Spanish, we loved fashion…

And I loved that these kind of encounters happen all the time in Surry Hills, a bohemian paradise full of multicultural and colourful surprises.


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