Present Yourself to the World with a White Shirt


No matter what is that you are trying to achieve in your life. Are you going for a job interview? Do you already have a job? Do you have a date? Are you meeting your friends? Are you having dinner with mum and dad tonight? Don’t look any further. Always present yourself with a white shirt!

The white shirt is the item that have lasted the longest among us. Since invented  in the 19th century it has been a synonym of good taste, of status, of luxury and nowadays it has been a synonym of modernism. Perhaps this is related to its clean and simple presentation. Perhaps is the fact that can be used with everything and for everything. Perhaps is the fact that it looks good on everyone.

I always ask myself why in the middle of so many options to get dressed for success and happiness we always go back to the white shirt. Maybe these many options have overwhelmed us, maybe deep in our hearts we still look for what is simple, maybe the way to go is to mix high and low, clear and dark or very strong colours with pure simplicity.

Whatever the reason is a white shirt will never go out of fashion. I have them in all shapes and I love them in all seasons because every time I use one it reminds me that the important thing is to be comfortable to face this world with all its pleasures and tragedies.


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