The Maxi Dress is Everywhere


The Maxi Dress is one of my favourite fashion item. Its existence can be traced to the 70’s when Oscar de la Renta created one for Elizabeth Arden. He was immediately followed by other top designers as an alternative for the 60’s mini skirt and became a sensation in London and the United States when the boho style made its appearance.

Not only did celebrities use it. The maxi dress went on to pursue a lot of young women in different countries. They were everywhere, every time. Although the mini skirt was not over, the maxi dress was more elegant, more comfortable and great for day and night.


Even these days, the maxi dress is still on trend. Some will argue that its flattering forms and the fact that it looks good on every woman is what has kept it with us. Others will say that in fashion, as in everything else in life, all past times were better. Whatever the reason is, the maxi dress is an item that should be in anyone’s closet. Take it out in summer with a nice pair of earrings or take it out in winter with a jacket and your favourite boots.


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