Beauty Hurts!


Beauty hurts! I think there is not a single Colombian woman who hasn’t heard that at some point of her life. We like to be pretty, we put makeup almost everyday, we fix our hair, we adorn ourselves with accessories, we never go out without mascara, anywhere!

I especially love the effect of shoes on my personality.  They have the power to make me feel simple and comfortable, yet other times powerful and self-confident. This feeling is not strange to any woman who has spend a fortune in a pair of beautiful heels just to have the pleasure of reaching the sky, or that one who wants to be stick to the ground with a pair of nice flats.

Heels are one of my biggest passions. Going out on a Saturday night without high heels was a waist of time. They gave me power, they gave me self confidence. I remember dancing on my heels for endless hours. I was the queen of the party, along with lots of women dancing next to me.

Yet I never had the same feeling on Mondays before going to work. My swollen feet reminded me of the last weekend’s party and the hangover always started to kick from upside down. My feet were screaming ‘please no more’ but I still needed to wear my beloved heels to go to work. It was that type of love that we all know very well, when your brain tells you no more, but your heart just wants to leave on the edge, feeding itself from that painful pleasure.

Because no matter our choice of shoes they always come with a problem. Yes, it is true that a nice pair of heels can give us the control we need, but it is also undeniable that for active women who move around the city they could be painful and impractical to the point that a nice day can become miserable. An easy option would be the flats but the energy and control of the heels would be gone.

When I arrived in Australia I discovered the solution to this problem. Australian women are very practical and they taught me that it was just as easy as having some ballerinas in my purse and changing them every time I took the train. Because, who said that a beautiful pair of heels were for walking anyway? Your feet and shoes would be destroyed and let’s not even talk about how you would end up walking after three hours of agonising movement.

I adopted the habit and my life changed. At the beginning it looked strange as in Colombia I never saw that. Every time I was complaining a friend would say to me, what’s your problem? Beauty hurts! And that was stick in my head like a tattoo.

But in a matter of one of two years fashion went forward and from changing shoes everybody just started using their ballerinas and even more, their sneakers with outfits that were not designed to practice sports.

The beauty hurts statement is gone. This is a big achievement for women that want to be comfortable and still look good. And For me? I still love my heels, I still love the way they make me feel. I want both things, I’ll keep both things.



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