The sensuality of the lace exceeds every expectation even before a dress is made. This sensuality comes from its transparent fabric and the dedication of the weaver in pursue a clean perfect product that radiates pure seduction.

Lace has always been difficult to wear. Only the more audacious have done it, not always succeeding, reflecting outrageous and out of context perceptions. All of this because of the desire of adding more sensuality with make up and accessories to a dress that already goes beyond all limites in attracting others’ looks. The beauty of this fabric cannot be overshadowed with heavy adornments that blind the eyes of the admirer. The sensuality, the beauty and the simplicity must go together to create an attractive and elegant outfit. Lace is everything, it includes everything, it grabs everything. Lace is love, is the romantic touch with a pinch of bold that we all carry inside. Is the willingness to leave everything behind just for the illusion of a crazy and beautiful night.


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