Fashion is Everything but Frivolous


A significant number of people think that fashion is frivolous and unnecessary. Why would somebody spend money on a skirt or a pair of shoes when it is hard even to pay the rent? Why would somebody loose time  taking about fashion when there are more important things to worry about in life?

It is because all of those things that fashion is important and necessary in so many levels. On the personal side, fashion makes our days different from one another. It takes us out of our problems to have a different reality that the one we have to face. It transports us to a world with more fantasy, with more colour.

The way we dress is the direct result of the thoughts and feelings that shape our identities. It is the best and more clear path to express our personalities to the rest of the world and it is the first message we send about us. It proves if we care… and if we do not. Our clothes say a lot about the moments we are going through in our lives, if we are happy, if we feel pretty, if we are sad, tired or bored. It shows our personal preferences. It shows how strong is our self-self-esteem.

Fashion is important to all but for us, women, fashion is vital. How we dress today is a reflection of the position women have in society and because of this we should not take fashion lightly. The evolution of fashion tells us about the battles women have fought trough the years to achieve a better participation and inclusion in all areas in which men have lead.

There is no doubt that after we acquired more freedom, clothes became lighter, and cleavage was for the first time an option. When women came out of the house to make part of the corporate world and play a part in the economic game, clothes became more elaborate and expensive. Now, as society rules are relaxing in relation to gender, clothes have become more informal, but informal does not mean boring. On the contrary, in life, as well as in fashion, this is a great time to experiment with new feelings, with new goals, with new love.

Our choices in life, the influence of our own cultures and the times we are living is what has shaped our preferences in fashion, it is what reflects our personalities and the lives we have, and at the end, our goals for the future.

It is our duty to be faithful to what we have achieved in society, to show others that we are united for the common goal of equality. We all have something in common, our femininity, our dreams, our struggle to do better and to succeed.  We should dress accordingly to those feelings, we should pass the right message about ourselves!

Thanks for reading!



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