Mixing It Up


We have seen a shift from strict rules to a more relaxed approach when choosing colours, textures and prints. Mixing blue and black, red and pink or mixing an animal print with a Scottish kind of luck was only permitted if you were a clown in a circus show. But a change in our imagination took over those rules and let us in front of an infinitive path towards creativity.

I am personally attracted to mix something vintage with a piece that evokes a modern vibe. Or maybe something sporty and relaxed with a more elegant item that can complement and give life to otherwise a boring outfit. The possibilities are limitless in the times we are living. Every day we find trends that are more crazy and outrageous than the ones before, which give us, the rest of the mortals, freedom to go out dressed literally as we like.

But this freedom also put a strain on our backs. Now we require more and more imagination to pick up the pieces we are going to use for our daily and busy lives. The talent in picking up the perfect outfit is called style and it defines us in front of society. It is not very friendly to judge others by their cover and yet we do it all the time, but we should not see this in the wrong way. It is fun to define our own style based in our personalities. In this sense we can give the impression of being chic, relaxed, smart, successful and so on.

Instead of fighting it we should embrace the possibility of being a better version of ourselves. Defining our own style is an every day task that would give us discipline, that would give us a better attitude to face the challenges of our life. I feel good when I wear something that gives me confidence, something that has a special meaning in my life, that reminds me to be grateful for the things that I have achieved, for the freedom I have to be just me, for the beautiful life I am living and for the good times to come.

Go with the flow, get challenged by the trends, have fun with your life and most importantly, be faithful to yourself.



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