Visible Stripes


As a huge fan of Sex & The City, I remember vividly ‘The Real Me’ episode, when Carrie Bradshaw was asked to participate as a real model on a fashion show. Carrie was going to use a beautiful blue sequined dress by Dolce & Gabbana, but instead of that, she was left with a pair of jeweled panties that probably woke up her deepest fears in relation to her body. She modelled it anyway, the right attitude empowered her to go out and looked as well as she wanted to.

After watching that Sex & The City chapter ‘I couldn’t help but wonder,’ should our personal style evolve with the same speed as the years pass, or can we keep it intact and rock the timeless pieces we have in our wardrobes no matter how old we are? 

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A Chat with Carolina Lifestyle’s Creative Director


PeopleCool is one of the most special sections of this blog. It is a space to picture style. Most of the time I look for it on the streets, where I can find authentic people using fashion as a way to express their freedom. But there are other times when I feel that I need a deeper conversation. Sometimes words play a great complement to the image and explain us better the world we are living in. This is why PeopleCool is also a one of a kind opportunity to talk to people who have lives, jobs and thoughts that inspire me.

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