Visible Stripes


As a huge fan of Sex & The City, I remember vividly ‘The Real Me’ episode, when Carrie Bradshaw was asked to participate as a real model on a fashion show. Carrie was going to use a beautiful blue sequined dress by Dolce & Gabbana, but instead of that, she was left with a pair of jeweled panties that probably woke up her deepest fears in relation to her body. She modelled it anyway, the right attitude empowered her to go out and looked as well as she wanted to.

After watching that Sex & The City chapter ‘I couldn’t help but wonder,’ should our personal style evolve with the same speed as the years pass, or can we keep it intact and rock the timeless pieces we have in our wardrobes no matter how old we are? 

I must confess that as the years go by, my own dresses have been getting loose in my waist and the sleeves are getting longer and longer. I guess I relate that to an effort of becoming more elegant, contrary to when I was younger and only cared about looking attractive. Every time I look into my options to get dressed my mind starts repeating the reasons why the tight clothes I used to wear before don’t really much anymore with my current style of life, and on the other hand it tells me how nice would it be to have the peace of mind to use everything I want.

But nothing as good as a wardrobe cleaning to find out that those feelings could be easily erased for better or worse. I found my jeans from uni, but didn’t dare to try them on and backless t-shirts, my favourites. I also found the dresses that would never allow to be touched by someone who loves a cup of sweet chocolate every night, and then bam! I came across my beloved striped dress and immediately made the promise that nothing will interfere in this relationship and that I will use all my clothes, the pieces I already have, the pieces I love. It doesn’t matter if I bought them long time ago, because I still like them, and I still like myself.


Instead of having negative thoughts about my body I will feel proud every time I use my striped dress. I should, anyway, as the stripes in fashion have a long history and they are a symbol of the fight for equality and women’s independence. They became famous thanks to Chanel, when she launched a nautical collection in 1917 after seeing the print on her trips to the north of France. Her designs in stripes helped her shape her fight to give women a better and more important role in society. Those designes made with male silhouettes for her female public were not only clothes, but a message of empowerment for women, who didn’t have as much freedom as we do now.

I will always wear a dress in stripes with the same enthusiasm as if I were wearing a fancy accessory. Its history makes it worth it. Stripes are energetic, with personality and style. That is all me, or at least, who I want to be!



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