High it up


All my Christmas shopping were mum’s style. High-waist dresses, pants, skirts and a beautiful vintage belt that will give a stylish touch to my wardrobe. I haven’t felt that comfortable with any trend in my entire life. It adds elegance to otherwise regular clothes. It gives the feeling of having a fashionable style that is so difficult to achieve with other trends. It gives the impression of really dressing up!

But the mum’s style is not for the pleasure of everybody out there. The sceptics of this trend complain too much of the lack of feminine shape. Its dangerous closeness with a masculine style disgust the ones who enjoy the delicate forms. Most of the argument is about the cover of the belly that changes the feminine body, that makes it become a denial of sensuality, to go to the comfort, something that is not a necessity for a woman who lives in a fashionable world.


But for others it is precisely the comfort that brings the pleasure of this trend. It is not having to worry about others looks, or the scrutiny of every peace that adorns the silhouette, or the judgment that comes with a different shape, colour, pattern. It is the pleasure of freedom, of peace, of movement that succeed in this trend that have developed into a mania. It is a movement, a mode, that doesn’t make a difference between old and young, between short and long, between big and small. I asume, I hope that this mania will last long, that we will be able to enjoy it for several seasons, that it won’t get blurred as everything else in fashion but if it did, that it will come back, that it will impose itself again, that it will let us enjoy it again.



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