Fashion Empowers You


I have always tried to mix together fashion with my profession. They don’t look alike. They have always been separate. I am a lawyer and law is supposed to be intelectual, intense and fulfilling. Fashion, on the other hand,  is supposed to be superficial, not a match with law and very ambiguous. 

But I cannot disagree more. Fashion can mix together with any profession, with any personality, with any activity and feeling. Fashion has already proved its value of empowering women, it has shown that it helps to raise your spirit, to sharper your skills, to gain confidence. 

But there is still a long way to go, as the society’s continue to be rigid and difficult to brake. I see it all the time in my legal profession. Women still think that to be considered competent and intelligent is mandatory to wear a black suit and that is probably true. Due to this few are the ones that dear to use something colourful and happy. 

The good thing is that to acquire the necessary self-confidence nobody has to spend a fortune. This is about you and only you. No need to buy a thing. Take a look at the clothes and accessories you already have. Dust  off the shoes you put in your boxes knowing that the time would come in which you would use them again. Clean your stuff and clean your mind, and get ready to show who you are. Explore your accessories, a pair of earrings, colourful glasses or nice belt can do the trick. For someone else, that might be a pair of skinny jeans with a beautiful t-shirt or statement shoes. The important thing is that they feel safe. The only commitment is to get outside and conquer this world.

LM_0082 1_preview

We should get dressed not to impress but to empower and be empowered and fashion is great to show that you own that inner-self power without even talking. It is a good way to go out there and change this crazy world. It is only the beginning of your journey of course, the rest is done by your determination and dedication to your cause.


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