Mix This with That


Colorful dresses are starting to be my signature items. It is easy to do what I do. Mix high and low, mix elegant and sporty, mix business attire and comfort. You will see this trend everywhere, because, who could afford to dress in designer pieces from head to toe?

 Learn to embrace fusion. Embrace looks that are not easy to define, that will make you unique, and that will take you out of the box. And always remember, our own style represents a lot of our character to the world, especially to that world that has not yet heard a word about you.

 Never forget that you can be a thousand things at the same time, modest and sexy, maternal and daring, athletic and intellectual, arty and elegant and so on. Mixing various types of garments calls for a more fun and interesting way of dressing.

LM_0086 1_preview

 Some of us have the good fortune to leave in a place where we can pursue our dreams (I hope this will be soon a reality for every girl and woman in the world). We can have a family, a job that we love, we can do sports, be creative and much more. We admire strong, independent women and we look to follow a path of success.

 It is for us to decide how we want to be seen as modern women. It is for us to establish the trends that are going to be recognized everywhere as the signs of independence, multiculturalism and modernity. I would say let’s go comfy and let’s be original, we don’t want elaborated outfits to take part of our days. We would need every minute of the day to make our lives shine.


LM_0087 1_preview

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