Introducing LeMerch Creative Director Mercedes Hurtado


And this is Mercedes Hurtado, she grew up in Caracas, Venezuela where she studied Graphic Design. Her search for new opportunities and experiences took her to Sydney, Australia. After a while in Sydney, she and her husband moved to Manila in The Philippines for one year and then decided to move to a more chilled island, Bali, the place she calls her home, for now… Mercedes has two gorgeous children and is in the process of building her own business!

What is the story of LeMerch?

LeMerch is born one afternoon at home when I grabbed an orange cushion and a black sharpie and started drawing on it… Many friends liked it and were asking for different colours so I started drawing more and more, at the time I started doing some samples for T-shirts and cushions in Indonesia, unfortunately I never had the result I was looking for and decided to stop…

Four years later, two kids and living in Bali I decided it was the time to try again… So here I go

What is your inspiration for all your patterns?

My main inspiration is nature, everything green, the ocean, I have a fascination with whales since I was little, not sure why…

And what about the animals? 

The watercolours animals started as a personal project for my kids bedroom while I was pregnant with my second child. Friends and family liked them so much they suggested I should sell them, it is then when I decided to start working on LeMerch again


How do you describe your style?

I always say my illustrations are naive and organic, I don’t think of myself as a great illustrator but I really enjoy drawing. I also love colours at the moment I love the earthy palette

What’s coming next for the brand? 

After the t-shirt intent I decided to do accessories, somehow simpler and no sizing involved… so at the moment I’m reviewing some samples of clutches, pouches, tote bags, etc, for kids and adults. Mixing different fabrics and leather, I hope it works and people will like them.

After setting up my Instagram account I had people asking me to do different kind of projects which I’m so grateful for. I had the amazing opportunity to paint 2 murals in 2 private villas in Seminyak, Bali. Also I’ve been asked to create patterns for fabrics.

In addition, I have partnered with Paperclip People to provide an eco friendly, organic, fair trade range of stationary products that showcases my artistic flare. You can find them in

Is amazing how putting what you love to do out in the world starts to move things.
My hope is too still work on side projects with people who enjoy my style and pursue my own brand and reach different corners of the world.


How can we buy your products?

I’m on the process of setting up my website so I can sell to the world! You can also find me through my IG account @lemerchdesign Come and have a look, say hi, follow and enjoy!

Thank you!

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