Why don’t you do it instead?

A late but still relevant answer to this article

And why don’t you do it instead?

Why don’t you cook a meal for me,

Knowing that I haven’t eaten in a whole day?

Because, for the sake of the family,

I always forget about myself.

And why don’t you tell me that I look pretty anyway?

With my messy hair,

With my clothes full of milk,

With those black eyes that are about to cry when the night sinks in?

And why don’t you clean the house instead?

Why don’t you get on your knees to pick up the crumbs,

While more bread is falling onto your head,

And you see them falling like they were worms?

And why don’t you make silence instead?

And hear the noises that come from your kids,

And play with them,

And make them happy,

And build memories with them and for them?

And why don’t you hear my complaints,

And keep me company while I sob?

And put my arms in my shoulders,

And tell me that you are here now and everything is ok?

Why don’t you do it instead?

Because modern women would never build a cage for themselves again,

They would never look for a partner, ever again, but they will find a supportive one,

Because they will be powerful and with that equality will be found, instead.

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