We Should All Be Writers

It is because we are scared of writing that only the other voices are being heard. The bigots, the racists, the nationalists, the misogynists, the extreme-right and the extreme-left. They are not scared to talk, they are not scare to write. The fight for equality, in all levels, is also a fight to be taken with a pen and a paper. I know by experience that writing a book, an essay, a page, or even a post is scary to say the least. Hello fears. All of them come together to tell us the thousand ways in which we could fail. There are many risks. People might not like what we write, or how we write it. Maybe they are not interested in our subjects, or worse, we could offend a close one because of the things we write. But the voices of the moderate have to be amplified. I truly believe that people are eager to read new ideas, especially the progressive ones and the romantic ones. Those that give us hope for the future. To anyone who writes I tell you this. Keep fighting. Keep writing. Your writing is important. To us. To everyone.

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