Let’s Talk about Women in Power

Feminist Talks- Tap to see de video

I hope you liked my post about Kamala Harris and Jacinta Ardern. I will always advocate that women should hold the power that Jacinta Ardern has. She is the Prime Minister, she is the one in command. Kamala Harris is not. See my talk on why women should be Presidents, Prime Ministers and CEO’s.

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The Difference in Power

Politics and Feminism

People like to get emphatic and overwhelming demonstrations about theories. It’s ok. I can do it. My theory: When women are in power they need to be in charge. Because when women dictate policy, they are much more favourable to women, to children, to the elderly. They tend more to fight climate change and poverty. They spend more financial resources in education and other social policies. They are more compassionate, with migrants, with refugees. They are more inclusive, with different racial and religious communities, with aboriginals, with the LGBTQI populations. They have managed better the response against COVID in their countries. Jacinta Ardern. She is the proof of my theory. She is the practice of this very truth.

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