Romance Languages

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Why is it that the romance languages are so agreeable? Because they sound like a singing melody compared with other languages that could sound dry as an autumn leaf. It is the vocals, the ones we found so abundantly in romance tongues, as if they were fruits swimming in a colourful salad. They fill every word up to the top, by softening the rudeness and aggressiveness of the consonants. Romance languages have dignity. They would never allow two consonants in a word without a vocal guiding them, telling them what to do. And this is how all the brutal force gets to be mitigated by this syrup that intoxicate of those who listen to it. 

The hostility of a language with more of three consonants in just one word intimidates and opens a hole in the chest, as an attack is perceived. How many kind hearted people who speak non-romance languages can be left feeling rejected by a bias of aggression . How many idiots that would speak a romance language and not even insulting their ignorance is understood, for their unkindness is covered by this soft mantle of flowers and love.

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