Georgia Meloni —Bad News for Feminism

Politics and Feminism

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Italy has chosen her first prime Minister. It is not good news for feminism in Italy, and around the globe. Georgia Meloni. A far-right politician and journalist. Leader for more than eight years of Brothers of Italy, one of the most conservative parties. Involved in politics for nearly twenty. Always militating for the far-right, always instigating. A nationalist. A true warrior of ‘God, homeland and family’. Her win was implicated by the same patriarchal discourse.

She is against same-sex marriage, same-sex parenting, and LGTBI rights. Rumours say that there has not been somebody so far-right in Italian politics since Berlusconi. Some dare to say since Benito Mussolini. She has gone as far as being declared xenophobic and Islamophobic. She has largely criticized Italy’s approach to irregular immigration —Let’s not forget the fact that a lot of desperate migrants arrive in Lampedusa, and that there are already migratory restrictive practices in place—. But further, she is opposed to every non-European migrant—which new policies could affect business, working rights and so on—. She has praised, openly, Benito Mussolini. She has praised, openly, Giorgio Almirante, a racist, antisemitic Nazi collaborator and politician. She will strength their power, her power, that will cause oppression on the vulnerable.

There is no good on the fact that this woman is a woman. A woman who advocates for hate and division is good to patriarchy only. A woman who is a negationist of everything —there is no homophobia in Italy, or so she says—will cause extreme damage to the policies already in place for their protection. For the protection of the migrants, for the protection of women and children, for the protection of the planet.

And now Europe has no more option but to observe and try to contain the hate: For it not to overcome the borders, for it not to make Italy split from Europe, for it to maintain a bit of sanity for the hard years ahead.

There are no good news from Italy today.


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