I have to confess that I am madly in love with fashion. I do not know how it all began. Since I was a little girl I was interested in colours and textures. It was the 80’s and my mission for the future was to erase from the face of the Earth the Alf Forelock, the baggies that made me look like a spaghetti and the Madonna’s makeup kind of style that only seemed to suit her. I wanted to be a fashion designer.

Then my parents, both lawyers, instilled in me the passion for reading. Through my favourite books I went to incredible places and found different cultures. Those stories where people suffered from injustices especially got my attention. Forced marriages in places as far away from home as Yemen, the ablation of girls in Somalia and the ethnic cleansing in Africa hunted my mind and guided my future until today. I was still in love with fashion, but now instead of saving myself from the 80’s style I had another purpose in life. I had to become super girl and save the world from despicable human beings who were causing all that suffering to others.

I became a lawyer, I got Master’s Degrees in International Relations, Political Analysis and Public Relations. In between these Masters I took several courses. I had so much information in my head that I was about to explode. And then, I got involved in the refugee’s drama. Those who have gone through that or those who work for their rights have seen the maximum level of human suffering. It was then when I knew that fighting for those rights was my absolute passion. It has been 9 years since then and counting.

But in a little corner of my soul, I was still in love with fashion and style. I did not think about this love, I did not talk about this love and several times I tried to forget about it as I thought it couldn’t bring something good into my life. I was afraid of its bad reputation for being shallow and not very smart. Working in the legal field where everything is about suits in black and white did not leave to much room to play with my personal style either.

After 15 years of graduating from Law School and 9 years of working with refugees, I paused my career for one year to stay at home with my baby. The day he was born, that little soul brought with him a lot of energising love that found memories and passions already forgotten in the back of my mind. I let them come out because I understood that we should do everything that makes us happy, even if it is doing several things at the same time. I am lucky to have a loving family and a fulfilling job. Now I have created this space to express my ideas and go back to colour and style.

Doing some research in fashion history I confirmed my suspicion. Fashion is not shallow. On the contrary, the style is a reflexion of women’s empowerment through time, it is a reflexion of her fight for independence from men and for her cultural and political emancipation. I went back in time and met Coco Chanel, whose comfortable style represented women’s liberation, wearing her hair shorter and losing the heavy costumes and uncomfortable hats on her designs, as they didn’t let any space for freedom.

It was precisely Coco Chanel who inspired this blog that will be filled with stories that interest us all. Some of them will be about style, others about life and love, and others about human rights. Why not?

As I cannot leave one thing I cannot leave the other. This blog will mix the unmixable, but that is me and that is my soul. Why do we believe that we should have just one passion? I don’t believe that anymore and here I go!


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