My Thoughts on Guadeloupe


I usually tend to fall in love with every place I visit, but at the same time, I have a critic eye on everything I see and not very often I would like to live in the countries or cities I stop over. But this feeling has radically changed since I arrived in Guadeloupe. I just had to leave the airport to be awakened from my lethargic state of mind after a 7 hour trip from Colombia. I was not expecting to feel the kind of infatuation you feel only when you meet a soulmate and every day I spend here it grows more and more.

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The Maxi Dress is Everywhere


The Maxi Dress is one of my favourite fashion item. Its existence can be traced to the 70’s when Oscar de la Renta created one for Elizabeth Arden. He was immediately followed by other top designers as an alternative for the 60’s mini skirt and became a sensation in London and the United States when the boho style made its appearance.

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My Beach Coverup


Summer is literally fading into my hands and that is why I went into my suitcase to look for the last pieces I could use. I found this special beach coverup, one of my treasures (a gift from sister), something that is simple and comfortable and yet conserves a little pinch of beauty and elegance.

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