Georgia Meloni —Bad News for Feminism

Politics and Feminism

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Italy has chosen her first prime Minister. It is not good news for feminism in Italy, and around the globe. Georgia Meloni. A far-right politician and journalist. Leader for more than eight years of Brothers of Italy, one of the most conservative parties. Involved in politics for nearly twenty. Always militating for the far-right, always instigating. A nationalist. A true warrior of ‘God, homeland and family’. Her win was implicated by the same patriarchal discourse.

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What I Learnt from Chimamanda Gnozi Adichie in Dear Ijeawele, or a Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions

Politics and Feminism

Gnozi Adichie writes a warm letter to one of her friends from childhood who asked her how could she educate her daughter to be a feminist. When I took a first look at the book, I though her arguments were clear and at some point a bit obvious. But I realized soon enough, with sadness, I must say, that not even this feminist statements have been embraced by the majority of societies and cultures because this world favours men. And this is still happening all around the world. What can we do to change this mentality?

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Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Book Reviews

Being creative is like playing hide-and-seek. She runs in every direction, I chase her, with all my speed and my strength. She stops, looks at me an laughs. She disappears. I run again, this time determined to catch her, I find her, and I touch her, yes, I think I just touched her, but when I try to grab her from her muscular arm she scapes and runs again, laughing at me, once again.

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My Stories

I try to control my mind. Because let’s not lie to each other, it dominates me, with her steel chains, with those thick links that cannot be separated. Living in the past is my addiction, I like to walk in those memories that revive with all the nostalgia my childhood, school, university, family, friends.

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How to Avoid Workplace Discrimination

Female talks- Tap on the title to see the video

Don’t get discouraged with the rampant discrimination women suffer on work environments. Here are some tips for you to diminish the impact that discrimination causes !

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In the Search of Balance (Part II)


(Following the steps of Elizabeth Gilbert from ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ in Bali)

We were lucky as we arrived early at the house of Ketut Lyer and were third in line. He takes all the time his ‘patients’ need and solves all the questions asked. The two girls before me asked him his age, questions and more questions about his age, in my opinion a waste of time as Elizabeth Gilbert couldn’t guess it either. Then, it was my turn.

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