Yoga and Cultural Appropriation

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Yoga is the realm in which I see Cultural appropriation vs cultural appreciation crashing the most. It is becoming more and more difficult to look the other way without realising how Western Cultures have appropriated and misrepresented this ancient Indian practice. Let’s start by something: Yoga is not fitness. One not does yoga to become prettier, skinnier, stronger, even healthier. That is not what Yoga is aimed for.

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In the Search of Balance (Part II)


(Following the steps of Elizabeth Gilbert from ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ in Bali)

We were lucky as we arrived early at the house of Ketut Lyer and were third in line. He takes all the time his ‘patients’ need and solves all the questions asked. The two girls before me asked him his age, questions and more questions about his age, in my opinion a waste of time as Elizabeth Gilbert couldn’t guess it either. Then, it was my turn.

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