Georgia Meloni —Bad News for Feminism

Politics and Feminism

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Italy has chosen her first prime Minister. It is not good news for feminism in Italy, and around the globe. Georgia Meloni. A far-right politician and journalist. Leader for more than eight years of Brothers of Italy, one of the most conservative parties. Involved in politics for nearly twenty. Always militating for the far-right, always instigating. A nationalist. A true warrior of ‘God, homeland and family’. Her win was implicated by the same patriarchal discourse.

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Let’s Talk about Women in Power

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I hope you liked my post about Kamala Harris and Jacinta Ardern. I will always advocate that women should hold the power that Jacinta Ardern has. She is the Prime Minister, she is the one in command. Kamala Harris is not. See my talk on why women should be Presidents, Prime Ministers and CEO’s.

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