An Italian Musician in Bondi


Anyone who has been in Bondi knows him well. He is not famous but when he sings on the street everybody falls in love with his sweet Italian words. He is one of the most elegant people I usually see around here. The tie is not really a trend in Sydney’s relaxed environment, but he comes to work in his suit every single day. I admire his passion and discipline to do a job that comes only from his heart, that despite many admirers does not give him what he needs to survive, and yet he is happy, and yet he smiles, and yet he enjoys life.

Styling Arjuna


There is always a Balinese performing a ceremony in Bali. Anywhere, everywhere! My favourite ceremony was about Arjuna, one of the most important characters of the Mahabaratha Gita or ‘The Song of the Lord’, an epic poem that is extremely important for the Hindu tradition and that was studied by Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of the book ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ in India.

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