This story is only a personal reflection of the US Presidential Election 2020 and what is coming ahead (Politics for dummies, including me)

November six 2020. Joe Biden has the biggest chance of being declared the 46th President of the United States. What a relief! But at the same time the waters still in movement. They are dark, sinister, and very present. Racism and misogynism are there, before visible and very soon into hiding, waiting for the best time to return. Their red eyes still being open in the dark.

Everything is upside down. Still. Donald Trump won on the poorest States like Vermont, Tennessee and Florida. And it is this last one that is still bothering me. Florida, a Latino State from head to toe. Or at least, a very representative State of the Latino community. I wonder how US had come to the stage in which poor and Latinos are voting for the most conservative-right-wing, white-supremacist defender? It’s a very bizarre and bipolar situation to say the least.

Then I think. The Cuban diaspora. Yes, they are the ones that voted Trump. They have chosen and they always choose the right in politics. I can understand. They are scared. They are scared of the positions that jump towards the left spectrum, they are scared of a radicalization, a similar to what they parents and grandparents saw in Cuba in 1959. They would say to themselves that even in the US this could happen, if they let things flow and they must think, what would happen to us? All the struggle and perseverance to reach the American Dream cannot end living again between socialism. No. And Trump is the card to their assurances.

And the other Latinos in Florida? When Trump won the Presidential Election in  2016 I met several people with double nationality that went back to Colombia to retire. They voted for Trump. They were also scared. Not of a left-wing revolution but scared of new immigrants, from their own countries, younger people that were going to ‘still’ their jobs. Trump has been emphatic in migratory issues. So emphatic that he has not hesitated in splitting parents from their children to lock them like animals, separately, and without even following up of whom has ended up where and when. Now there are more than five hundred families at lost and Biden has promised a task-force to reunite them. This is a strange choosing, coming from them, who also migrated with the only objective to send some money to their families and have better lives.

And the Young? They were the hope. According to the Miami Herald there were at least 1 million registered voters age 18-35. And yet they voted despite young people are not likely to vote. And yet they also favoured Trump. Despite his accusations of sexual misconduct, his false and misleading tweets and other claims, his racist, misogynist policies. He won. In Florida, he won.

We must come to terms with this. That is not even Trump, or Florida. We must accept that the segregated speech, the words that cause fires, the conservatism, the racism, the misogynism still attracts. And every day we will have to fight with that.

And yet new airs are arriving in the horizon. Because despite all the things that we have witnessed in the last four years there is still hope. There is so much work to do. Not only as governments, but also as society, and as individuals. Time heals. Polarization with vanish, or at least decrease. There is a new message, that things will turn to their right course. We will say hi again to the Paris Agreement, to the Me Too Movement, to Black Lives Matters. We are saying again hi to peace and harmony.


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