Trojan Horse 1- By J.J Benitez

Book Reviews

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This review has no spoilers. A literary, technological and futuristic story perfect to be the theme of a great movie!

I have always doubted to talk about books that make me fall in an spiral and land in religious arguments. This review has no intention of changing a single historic, religious or spiritual belief. This review has been made to tell those who like Jesus that this is a great story. It talks about him, and the things he said, and with whom he talked, and whom he met, and what he ate, and saw, during his life, and at the end.

This book is also a treasure for fiction lovers. It tells the story of some officers of the American Army that travelled back in time to Jerusalem, where they recovered documents that talk about the life of Jesus and J.J Benitez, the author, had access to these documents. The book describes the author in first person meeting his source, who tells him in confidence what the project of travelling back in time was about and who the time machine was built to locate Jesus.

And once this story finishes the historic story starts. Because this army member, a doctor named Jason, travelled in time to Jesus’ time. He was accompanied by Eliseo, another officer, who stayed back in the machine the whole time. After that what happens is marvellous. Jason meets Jesus, and the ones closed to Jesus. He describes in detail the environment, the clothes, the habits. He describes them all. And most importantly he talks to him. Several times. And what Jesus says is revealing and wonderful. Because of his teachings full of kindeness and peace. Because it shows Jesus not as a God, nor as an ordinary human being either, but as a being in total possession of his I Am, of his divinity on Earth. A divinity that according to him we all have, but haven’t manages to access. This made him sad. Jesus felt misunderstood for the people surrounding him, despite their good intentions. The part of his capture and death is devastating. And then the enthusiasm comes back, with his resurrection and with the hope to see him again.

I think about this book as an opportunity to take a look to that past that we all wonder about. It was a time of domination and injustice. Not only against him, but against the Palestinians, against the women, the children. Because the time of the roman empire is a time where women were things and whoever was not roman worth nothing. They were slaves. Nothing more.

And just a critic to the book, but an important one. The women do not appear in the narrative. Yes he mentions Maria the mother of Jesus. And once or twice Maria Magdalena. But their lives, their relationships with Jesus, their leadership skills, their important role in everything that happened and in the life of Jesus are completely omitted. I wonde why. Maybe the author wanted to reflect the thoughts and sentiment of that era. Or maybe he thought it was not important. We would have to read the other Trojan Horses books to see the role of women in his other stories.

Despite this I give value to the narrative of Trojan Horse. It is a fantastic book that connect us to a time in which I personally would never want to live, but would love to look through a little window, back in time.

A very recommended book.


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