My Stories

I try to control my mind. Because let’s not lie to each other, it dominates me, with her steel chains, with those thick links that cannot be separated. Living in the past is my addiction, I like to walk in those memories that revive with all the nostalgia my childhood, school, university, family, friends.

They all appear blurred, a little stained, and I spend my time trying to paint them again, to return them their bright and frosty colours, and always forgetting my presents that pulls my skirt, and when I look down there they are, screaming for me, mum! Look at me! Mum, hug me mum! And I come back to life and say sorry, for not being here and now. and I breathe, and change my thoughts, which improve my feelings, towards myself and all my surroundings. And she sun shines brighter.  And I am happy, because it is my responsibility to be happy, to remember how far I have come. Knowing that there is a reason to be here today, I let go of fears, those bloody fears that attack me every day. Someone recently said to me: ‘Tu as trois enfants magnifiques, tout va bien’ And yes. Magnifique, what a beautiful word and what an enormous sense it has. All the good things in life and love are locked in this word. I will keep thinking about it, so I won’t forget, one word, then letters full of conscience. My lesson, love!

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